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Jasmine, Rose, Orange, Blossom

Liy of the Valley, Ylang-ylang, Fruity, Spicy

Omanthus, Sandalwood, Tuberous, Musk

Presence Flow for Women

eau de toilette dengan wangi
aldehydic, floral dan sweet

Sticker RedPurplehttps://www.facebook.com/presenceperfumesid/https://www.instagram.com/presenceperfumes/Ultimate Red - notesultimate RED - web 1

Presence Ultimate Red
eau de toilette dengan sensasi wangi
floral dan woody yang memikat

2017-11_ Tranquil 1Tranquil WOMEN - web 1new fragrance from presence perfumes
2017-11_ Tranquil 1new fragrance from presence perfumesTranquil MEN - web 1

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